Eugénie Paultre

Translated from the French by Etel Adnan, Cole Swensen, and Simone Fattal

ISBN: 978-0942996-83-8 • $15.00 • 40 pp.

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This book aims at being a kind of manual allowing one to follow the weft of thinking, its natural and necessary development— when the simple and urgent question is asked: What has become of life today? —

What is life becoming while it seems to manifest itself, harshly, by waves of unbelievable realities— where do we find its mystery and to where does it recede?

This question is an obligation. How not to respond immediately to myself, for oneself, how not to acknowledge the present existence, its hesitation between faith and anxiety, retreat and abandon.

A manual, therefore, in order not to forget that the spirit always is experienced —according to its resources and dwellings — which cannot fail to happen.
Etel Adnan

Eugénie Paultre has taught Philosophy at the Sorbonne. She is a painter. She is the author of three volumes of poetry. Winter is her first publication in the U.S. She lives in Paris.

Etel Adnan is a world renowned painter and author of over twenty books of poetry, essays and the acclaimed novel Sitt Marie Rose, originally published by The Post-Apollo Press. She was recently named Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres of France. She lives in Paris.

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Cole Swensen is a poet and translator of French poetry, prose, and art critcism. She co-edited the Norton anthology American Hybrid and is the founding editor of the small press La Presse. She divides her life between Providence, RI and Paris.

Simone Fattal is a painter, sculpter and translator. She is the publisher of The Post-Apollo Press.