Two New Titles from The Post-Apollo Press!

We are so pleased to announce the publication of two new titles, Mirages by Issa Makhlouf, translated by Alicia F. Lam and Too Much Happens by Kathleen Weaver.

In Mirages, Issa Makhlouf mingles thought, observation and meditation to develop themes of travel and absence, violence and beauty to question nature, its creatures and mysteries. It is a startlingly beautiful work of mysticism though I don’t think Makhlouf set out to write such a thing. Memory opens and closes around us, collapses time, overlays new experiences with the texture of the old. Traumas of war, dislocation and loss follow us, past death and into new lives.



After years of translating and presenting other writers, Kathleen Weaver has now produced a collection of her own poems, Too Much Happens, a collection that mingles personal and major social concerns in an attempt to give voice to a sense of increasing fear for a cherished world in crisis. Catastrophic wars, child soldiers, dried lake beds, the relentless onslaught of bad news. “What shall we do with what we know?” Too Much Happens poses a question for which no answer is clear in a world skirting a perilous edge.