The Spring Flowers Own & The Manifestations of the VoyageThe Spring Flowers Own &
The Manifestations of the Voyage

Etel Adnan

ISBN: 978-0-942996-14-2 • $14.00 • 101 pp.

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Harrowed by desire’s ancient curse, in solo crushed-heart universe, always in every brutish intimacy of public event—harrowed by love’s death’s imperishable lie, by love’s unfailing resurrection—harrowed by subtlest helplessness, grossest anger—Etel Adnan’s work possesses maturity one had thought extinct. I don’t know why so very few Americans write poetry for grown-ups, but Adnan sure does and it’s good.
—Duncan McNaughton

Just where is that voice coming from?… The determining sensibility combines the vistas of an insistently decentered consciousness, defining the poetic self through a contemplation of mortality.
—Michael BeardWorld Literature Today

Etel Adnan is an Arab-American poet and writer born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. She studied at the Sorbonne in France, U.C. Berkeley, and Harvard and taught Philosophy at Dominican College in San Rafael, California. She is the author of more than fifteen books of poetry, essays, and cultural writings. She is a recipient of a 2010 PEN Oakland-Josephine Miles National Literary Award. She divides her time between Sausalito, California; Paris; and Beirut.